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I’m Casey, and I’m thrilled that you have come to check me out, but I doubt this is what you were looking for.

You’re not going to find anything interesting here, except that picture of me holding the Stanley Cup.

What you definitely want to do is check out my rocking blog over at

Below are my channels to Cool Sites that I have been working on while not fighting crime.


I Get Paid To Party .com

You definately want to check out this site. It's all about having fun, looking good, and getting paid. You're going to love it.

If you want to see what I am all about and get to know me a bit more you'll probably like this page called "Lets Get 'Em".


And Save Trees .com

This is my long term project. I want to re-establish the Redwood Forests in California and the Rain Forests in Costa Rica.

The profits from "I Get Paid To Party" are going to be funding and getting the cash flow to throw amazing intentional parties in the Forest and the Jungle.

Supporting "I Get Paid To Party" is something you can do to support the Enviroment. Now get out there and Party!


Yoga With Katrina .com

This is my beloved girlfriend's blog. She rocks, and is a much better writer than I am.

She has some pretty spectacular content on her site, and if you're into Yoga or Spirituality you will probably love this site.


Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp .com

This is our (Katrina and I) Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp website for women in Kamloops.

We were not expecting to stay in Kamloops, but after our two year hiatus we came home and starting this business.

Katrina teaches the classes and I market the website. It become SUPER POPULAR, really fast. Now we have this Yoga Boot camp which is HELPING so many women lose weight, get into shape and get a unique side of Yoga.

If you live in Kamloops and want to look good and feel better you will definately want to register for boot camp.

Advice For Personal Trainers .com

This is my first blog I ever created.

I created it to help struggling Personal Trainers. It's mostly full of good fitness marketing and business strategies.

It turned out pretty good, and really has been a launching pad to my most recent re-launch of I Get Paid to Party.

There is nearly 500 pages on this site. Wow.


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